Tips and Tidbits for a Great Camping Experience

When it comes to camping, the best rule of thumb is to plan, plan, and plan some more. The more you have planned out, the more successful your trip will be in the end. This will leave you wanting to go back to camping again really soon.


Make a List and Check It Again

Make a list and check it three times. Be sure to make lists under each category of camping, for example:

* Bedding requirements
* Tent supplies
* Cooking equipment
* Toiletries
* Bug spray and sunscreen
* First aid kit contents
* Food and water checklist
* Flashlights, batteries, matches, etc.

Make a list for everything you can think of that you will need as you go along. Think about sleeping, eating, having fun in the sun, getting wet if there is a lake and so on. This way you will not forget anything.


Check Out Nearby Necessities

If you are uncomfortable with just using what you have remembered to bring along, then check the campsite and see how close the nearest general store or food stand is to your site. In addition, you may want to check out the nearest medical facility to ease your mind just in case of emergency.

Look into the closest repair shop for your vehicle or camper if you have one. These things may seem trivial now, but thinking about them and making sure you know what you are up against is a wise choice indeed.


Focus on the Fun

There is a lot of time, effort, and certainly packing that goes into camping. However, don't forget to focus on the fun. Look into activities such as kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, and hiking while you are camping.

Taking lots of pictures to scrapbook on the way home is a great idea and a wonderful way to keep kids busy and occupied. On the way up to camping, everyone is excited. On the way down, however, everyone always wants to know, “Are we home yet?

Don't forget to pack some toys for all ages. If you are camping in the fall, a football toss is great fun for everyone. Summertime and bubbles just go together hand in hand. And, of course, graham crackers and marshmallows for s’mores are always unforgettable. Frisbees, horseshoes, and bacci ball are all great favorites, as well.

These are just a few tips and tidbits to make your camping experience a delight!

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